Think & Grow Rich! Chapter 1: Thoughts Are Things…

I just realized, I’ve been rich for quite a few years, now that I’ve put two & two together…  I’ve reached a goal without even realizing that my thoughts were leading me here… I didn’t know I was practicing Definiteness of Purpose as I turned my will over to God when I joined AA in 1990… What I did know is I was tired of living the way I was living, so I needed to change… This is now 2019, I have maintained sobriety for over 28 years, by The Grace of God…

My Favorite Gospel Group Playing

The Gospel According To Jazz

Once I made that decision to start out on this journey, my life has been forever changed…  I actually like who I am today… I’m claiming these Riches that are so rightfully mine because I’ve earned them… I’m not talking about monetary riches, but the many gifts my sobriety has provided me with…

I’ve had many teachers that I’ve learned from… When I visualized the lessons happening right in front of my very eyes, I just kept believing…  This proved to me, “What the mind can conceive & believe will be achieved”, one day at a time…  I know this for a fact because I’ve lived it… Though I’ve seen some really tough times, my life’s been good & I always have a reason to give thanks…  I believe in God’s influences, “Divine Guidances”, I call them “God Nudges”… I’ve learned to recognize them when they occur because I found I must pay attention to them, so I’m assured to have received the message they contain…

I’m so grateful for this course because I now know, by the Grace of God, my journey is complete, I’ve reached my goal…  Thank you Linda & Michael Dlouhy for providing me with the last part of this incredible education so I can now realize my transformation is complete… I feel I must share this with any who are seeking help…  I’m authentic, the real deal, an authority… That in no way implies that I know it all because that can never happen… I do have enough experience that I feel I qualify… I will continue my studies because  they’ve become part of me…  It’s who I am & I’m

                 Blessed Once More!

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